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May 6, 2016

General Meeting

"Using Filters to Improve Visual Observing"

by Tom Richardson

Tom will discuss using optical filters to enhance viewing. Using light pollution filters, light reduction filters, and colored filters to improve planetary detail will be explained, along with how astronomical filters are made and how they work in conjunction with the human eye.


"Recap of the New Horizons Pluto Mission"

by Richard Townley

Richard will cover NASA’s New Horizons mission to the dwarf planet Pluto. He will talk about the scientific instruments aboard the New Horizons spacecraft, elaborate on the discoveries made by New Horizons, and show some of the best pictures ever taken of Pluto.

A campus map can be found here.

FREE Astronomy Course

A FREE Astronomy Course was recently offered during the regular M.A.S. General meetings. We recorded all of the lectures and posted them on our YouTube Channel.

Click here for a Short Course Lecture and Study Guide with links to the YouTube Lectures

There is a test for those who want to earn a Certificate suitable for framing.

About the M.A.S.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. Founded in 1953

The Memphis Astronomical Society, or M.A.S., is a public service organization which promotes understanding of the science of astronomy through free public lectures and demonstrations. Members are seldom professional astronomers. We work in many different occupations, some in the sciences, but most in other fields. We are amateurs in the basic sense of the word: we study astronomy because we love it. We seek to learn more about it through reading, conversation with other astronomers, professional as well as amateur, and especially through direct observation of celestial objects.

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Bill Busler, President (901) 382-2246
Bill Wilson (901) 755-6499  
Richard Moore (901) 737-3278  
Tom Richardson (901) 568-2370  

Ric Honey, Web Servant

(901) 828-3112


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