The Memphis Historical Trail

The MEMPHIS HISTORICAL TRAIL is the successor to the MEMPHIS SESQUICENTENNIAL TRAIL that operated in Memphis in 1969 during the city’s 150th observance of its founding.

MHT began in 1970 and closed in the early 1990's due to extensive renovation in the downtown area. The trail was aquired by Boy Scout Troop 341 in 1999. They formed the MHT, Inc. and revised and reopened the trail in November of that year.

In 2011, due to additional changes in the area the MHT has been revised again. Changes to the trail are necessary to reflect such things as Historical Plaques being removed or distroyed, the Memphis Belle being removed from Mud Island, and an unfortunate electrical fire that burned the historic First United Methodist Church and three other buildings in the downtown area. Also, inspired (or dictated) by Homeland Security after the events of September 11, 2001, the trail under the old bridges across the Mississippi River has been closed. The portion of the trail south of the bridges has been eliminated until the area under the bridges is opened again, or a safe way to cross over the Interstate highway to that area can be found.

The current trail is approximately 12 miles.

All the documents listed below will require a PDF file type reader such as Adobe Reader.

A free version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded from their website at

Application Form

Awards, Patches, Medals and such

Hiking Guide

Chronological History of Memphis

GPS waypoints (.gpx)

This is a .gpx file create with Delorme Street Atlas. Save the file to your computer by right clicking and then "Save As". Internet Explorer thinks its an ".xml" file. Change the file extension to ".gpx" when you save it to your computer. It can be imported into Google Earth. There is no relationship between the waypoints in this file and the Questions/Answers on the hike. This was used to estimate the distance of the hike.

Google Earth KML file

The above file should launch Google Earth, if you have it loaded on your computer, and show the trail.

If you don't have Google Earth, then go to the Google Maps website at:

and enter this text in the "Search" box ""

More GEO tagging, caching, and other such fun techno-geek stuff will follow later. If you hike the trail and save your GPS log files or have GEO tagged photos that you would care to share, I would like to use such data in the future as we refine the electronic media content. See the contact info below.

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