Astronomy is looking up!

However we are meeting via Zoom once a month. Come here frequently for links. We remain in contact with the university regarding public use of their facility again.

Next General Meeting August 6, 2021:

University of Memphis Student Spaceflight Experiments Program and Voyage Solar System Model

By: Joanne Rhodes- Instructor, Department of Physics and Materials Science

Joanne will give us an update on some of the exciting projects happening at the University of Memphis- the Students Spaceflight Experiments Project and Voyage Solar System Model. Students in the Spaceflight Experiments Program design microgravity experiments to be run by astronauts on board the International Space Station. The Voyage Solar System model is similar to the version in front of the Air and Space Museum in Wash. D. C. and is a 1:10 billion scale model of our solar system. The Sun, represented by a grapefruit sized ball, and the planets and Pluto, are represented to scale in size and separation distance on a 2000 ft. walkway- to be permanently installed on the U of M campus, and a focal point for STEM education and outreach.

August 6, 2021. 8:00 PM CDT
All are invited- Zoom link

Astrophotography Focus Meeting

Date to be Determined

Moderator: Ric Honey et. all

Informal discussion about astrophotography. Learners and teachers are always present for everyone to enjoy this great hobby. All are invited.

Zoom link

Next Burtons dark sky
observing event:

July 31 at sunset.

Next Shelby Farms park at dark event:
Aug 14th at sunset (Parking area 5)

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