Astronomy is looking up!

However we are meeting via Zoom once a month. Come here frequently for links. We remain in contact with the university regarding public use of their facility again.

Next General Meeting- November 5, 2021:

How big are galactic winds?

Intense star formation and rapid black hole accretion in the centers of galaxies produce energy that propels gas outward. These galactic winds affect the evolution of their host galaxies, and may self-regulate the future growth of stars and black holes. Galaxies are also known to be surrounded by enormous reservoirs of gas. Galactic winds are a likely mechanism by which these reservoirs are created. However, we don’t know how far most galactic winds extend into their surroundings. I will discuss observations of galactic winds driven by star formation and black holes that probe their extent and illuminate the connection between galaxies and their surroundings. I will also review how some astronomers will use the James Webb Space Telescope to answer these questions.

David S. N. Rupke, Ph.D. (he/him)
Associate Professor of Physics
Rhodes College

Click here for zoom link.

Astrophotography Focus Meeting

November 20

Moderator: Ric Honey et. all

Informal discussion about astrophotography. Learners and teachers are always present for everyone to enjoy this great hobby. All are invited.

Zoom link

Village Creek Star Party, Rain Date is November 6th at  Village Creek State Park, near Wynne, Arkansas

Indoor program 7pm. Outdoor viewing 8pm

Village Creek Park, Wynn Arkansas.

Next Burtons dark sky
observing event:

October 30 at sunset.

Village Creek State Park Star Party
November 6.

Next Shelby Farms park at dark event:
November 13 at sunset (Parking area 5)

See Calendar for more observing events

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