Astronomy is looking up!

However we are meeting via Zoom once a month. Come here frequently for links. We remain in contact with the university regarding public use of their facility again.

Next General Meeting- December 3, 2021:

‘How to get Started in Astrophotography, and not Break the Bank’

Dr. Brian Ottum
Warren Astronomical Society

Astrophotography is the fastest-growing segment of amateur astronomy, but it can also be a HUGE investment of time and money. The joys can be higher than with visual astronomy, but the frustrations can also be greater than those of visual astronomy. Brian Ottum will show you how to get started in astrophotography while preserving your sanity and wallet.

Dr. Brian Ottum has been an avid amateur astronomer for nearly 50 years, launched by seeing a lunar eclipse. He has done a lot of different things:

• Traveled to see 4 total solar eclipses
• Spent a summer at Bryce Canyon National Park as a volunteer “Night Sky” ranger
• Member of 6 different astronomy clubs
• Dedicated the Port Crescent State Park “dark sky preserve”
• Co-author on a comet nucleus research paper
• Installed a remote-control astrophotography rig in the NM desert
• “Astronomy at the Beach” booster

Brian was going to get a Ph.D. in astronomy, until he visited actual astronomers in AZ and found out that they spend their days doing math and sitting in front of computers. He eventually got a Ph.D. in market research and spends his days doing statistics and sitting in front of computers.

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Upcoming Meeting:
James Webb Telescope
Dr. Sanchez of University of Memphis

January 7, 2022: 8:00pm

More info to come.

Zoom link

Astrophotography Focus Meeting

December 18

Moderator: Ric Honey et. all

Informal discussion about astrophotography. Learners and teachers are always present for everyone to enjoy this great hobby. All are invited.

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Next Burtons dark sky
observing event:

November 27 at sunset.

Shelby Farms
Parking Area 5
January 8, 2022

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observing events

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