Astronomy is looking up!

We will continue to broadcast our live meetings via Zoom for our remote audience. Come here frequently for links.

Upcoming Meeting:
In Person at MoSH

PROGRAM: A Brief History of Astro-Imaging Technology

Ric will discuss a brief history of Astrophotography for science and art and the changing technology that makes it all possible. He will also discuss how cameras for astro-imaging have changed and evolved over the years and discuss some of the innovations that are coming in the near future. 

We will also take a look at the night sky and discuss some of the prominent summer targets that are up this time of year (planetarium-style!).

We will also stream it live via zoom link below.

July 8th – 7:00pm

More info to come.

(observing on the Lawn has been canceled).

Click here for Zoom Link.

Next Astrophotography Focus Meeting

July 22, 2022: 7:00pm

Moderator: Ric Honey et. all

Topic to come

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July 23,30: Burton’s Sugar Farm
August 6: Germanshire Park

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