Outreach Form

Memphis Astronomical Society Outreach Request Form

The Memphis Astronomical Society participates in community outreach events free of charge. Please fill out this request form as completely as possible to help MAS determine if it can provide telescopes and/or presentations at your event.

Cancellation Policy
Astronomy observing events are weather dependent. Although we do our best to come out and share our love of astronomy at all planned events, we can make no promises and may cancel at any time on the day of your event due to weather or other circumstances. MAS members are all volunteers and do their best to serve our community.

Requirements for Observing Events
MAS telescope operators will need to be able to arrive at least one hour before the event and have at least one hour after the event for equipment set-up and removal. 

For important information for planning an outdoor observing event, please see location and date planning notes below. If it appears confusing, no worries, just fill out the form and we will be in touch.

    Contact Information
    Please provide us with contact information, including a phone number of the contact person.

    2. Name

    3. Email (if different from the email of the person submitting this form)

    4. Phone Number

    5. Phone Number for Canceling

    Event Information

    6. What type of event would this be? Please check all that apply.

    7. Where would the event be held? Please list the full street, city, state address, and describe the location (park, field, school, etc).

    8. Does the planned observing site have lights in the area that could hinder night-skyviewing?
    YesNoMaybeNot Applicable (for indoor program only)

    9. If observing site does have lights, will the lights be turned off for the event.

    10. Telescoping viewing requires the use of heavy equipment. Will our telescope operators be able to park their vehicles at the point of observing?
    YesNo, Equipment will have to be hauled from the parking area to the observing area.Maybe

    11. Will the planned location have security personnel on-site at the time of the event?

    12. Does the planned location have restroom facilities nearby?

    Date and Time of Event.
    Let us know the day and time of the event.

    13. On what date will the event be held?

    14. For observing events, you may suggest an alternate date (rain date) in case your preferred date should be clouded/rained out. This is not necessary to submit a request.

    15. What time would the event begin?

    16. What time would the event end?

    Event details.
    Let us know more about your event so we can plan accordingly.

    17. For presentation events, please let us know your topics of interest.


    18. How many people are expected to attend the event? (Please give us your best estimate.)

    19. Will your event have other activities?

    20. If yes, please briefly describe the other activities.

    21. Is this a public or private event?

    22. If this is a public event, how will the event be advertised to the public?

    23. Please add any additional information to describe your event.

    24. How did you learn about the Memphis Astronomical Society?

    Location and Date Planning Notes

    Astronomy by nature requires a clear view of the sky. The planned observing location typically needs to be an open space with an unobstructed view (no trees, buildings, etc.) at least 30 degrees above the horizon. Exceptions would depend on the locations of objects such as the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn on the date and at the time of the event. In areas within the city, depending on the amount of light pollution, the best objects to view with a telescope are the Moon and specific planets. Choosing dates when the Moon, Jupiter, or Saturn is visible at least 30 degrees above the horizon during your event time will ensure at least one fantastic viewing object at your event at nearly any location. Mother nature is unpredictable, so have a backup plan! In the event of cloudy skies, the observing event will be canceled. You might want to be prepared with an alternate date for your event in case your first choice is clouded or rained out.