Member Survey

Please take the time out to fill out this anonymous survey so we can better serve you.

    M.A.S. Publicity
    1. What is your primary method to receive information about M.A.S.?

    If "Other" by what form of communication did you receive information?

    2. Do you feel informed about M.A.S. events and activities?
    Very informedMostly informedSomewhat informedNot very informedNever informed

    3. Do you use the M.A.S. website?
    Very frequentlyFrequentlyOccasionallyRarelyNever

    4. Do you connect with M.A.S. via Facebook, Youtube, or Slack?
    Very frequentlyFrequentlyOccasionallyRarelyNever

    General Meetings
    5. What general meeting start time would make it more likely that you would attend?

    6. How long should the meetings last?
    One HourOne and a half hoursTwo HoursOther

    If "Other" how long should a meeting last?

    7. Do you like the speakers and topics at the general meetings?
    Very frequentlyFrequentlyOccasionallyRarelyNever

    8. How many general meetings did you attend (in person or remotely) in 2022?
    NoneOneTwoThree or moreAll of them

    9. Are you more likely to attend a general meeting in-person or remotely?
    In-personRemotely via ZoomDoesn’t matter

    10. What topics would you like to learn about at future meetings?

    Observing Events
    11. How many observing events have you attended in the past year?
    NoneOne or twoThree or fourFive or moreAll of them

    12. What would make it more likely for you to attend an observing event?

    13. What was your favorite club event or activity in 2022?

    14. Would you like an occasional personal contact with one of the M.A.S. leaders?
    YesNoDoesn't matter

    15. What is your interest in volunteering for events?
    Very interestedInterested but need more informationNot at all interested
    Note: Note: This survey is anonymous. If you want to volunteer see contact page on website.

    16. Do you plan to renew your membership next year?

    If no, why not?

    17. Do you read the MeteorWrite newsletter?
    AlwaysMost of the timeSometimesRarelyNever

    18. Do you feel like there is value to your membership?
    Great ValueMuch valueJust about rightLittle valueNo value

    19. What could we do to make M.A.S. membership more valuable for you?

    20. Would you like to have member “get togethers” outside of meetings and observing events?
    Yes, once a yearYes, twice a yearYes, more than twice a yearNo

    21. Why did you join the Memphis Astronomical Society?

    22. What additional thoughts would you like to share with us?