M.A.S. News

NASA Chooses Rhodes College designed Satellites for upcoming launch.

Congratulations to our friends at Rhodes College.

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The University of Memphis is making plans to install a scale model of our Solar System on the University Campus. The 1:10 billion scale model will be approximately 2000 feet long. You can find details here:



The Memphis Astronomical Society wants to thank Ms. Sarah Wright for her generous donation of time and talent in preparing the artwork for our new updated website. You can view more of Sarah’s work at the Brooks Museum in the Scholastics Exhibit where she won three Gold Keys, five Silver Keys and two Honorable Mentions. Congratulations Sarah and thanks.




The International Astronomical Union

has re-designated asteroid 2001 SL73 as

(55320) Busler

Discovered 2001 Sep. 19 by R. Tucker at Goodricke-Pigott observatory.

as stated in the naming request: “William J. Busler (b. 1944) has had a long and distinguished career as a researcher and teacher in the field of biochemistry. He has also been a planetarium director and has had a life-long love for teaching fellow amateur astronomers about the universe.”

Bill has been a member of the Memphis Astronomical Society since 1957 when he turned 13, the mininum age for being a member of the M.A.S. Since then Bill has served this organization and this community in many capacities on many occassions, the most recent of which as President of the M.A.S.

Many thanks to Roy A. Tucker, prolific astroid hunter, past and honorary member of the Memphis Astronomcial Society.