Meetings and Observing

General Meetings

Our General Meetings are generally held at 7:00 PM on the first Friday of each month. (see the schedule for possible January, June and July exceptions)

Two presentations on topics of astronomical interest are made at each meeting. One or both are suitable for those beginning the study of astronomy.

Observing Sessions

At least one observing session is scheduled each month at a dark-sky site, near the time of the new moon on a Saturday night.

Visitors are always welcome at meetings and observing sessions. Members with telescopes will be happy to show you celestial objects and point out features of the sky not ordinarily visible in Memphis or other large cities because of light pollution, the glare of wasted energy being poured into the night sky.

Burton’s Darks Sky Info

Shelby Farms info
Temporarily closed due to vandalization issues. They are locking up at night.


  1. No smoking in the observing area, within 150 feet of the telescopes.
  2. No use of firearms on the premises.
  3. No drinking of alcoholic beverages in the observing area.
  4. An adult member of the Society must be present at all observing sessions. An adult supervisor will have the authority to conduct the session in the best interest of all attending.
  5. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. If you arrive after the scheduled beginning of the observing session, turn off your headlights or park at least 150 feet away from the telescopes.
  6. No flashlights permitted without a red filter within 150 feet of the telescopes.
  7. Cellular telephones may not be used in the observing area unless they are dimmed and/or equipped with a red filter.
  8. If children are present, they must not be permitted to run in the observing area.
  9. Each person must remove his own trash from the premises.
  10. Members and visitors attending observing sessions and using the site do so at their own risk.