M.A.S. Membership

Membership in the Memphis Astronomical Society is NOT required to attend our meetings or observing sessions.

However, if you wish to support our organization by being a dues paying member, please fill out an application form at our next General Meeting or here. All applications are reviewed at the next meeting of the M.A.S. Board of Directors. Upon approval, you will receive a welcome letter with instructions.

M.A.S. members receive the society newsletter “The MeteorWrite” on a monthly bases.

Sample of “The Meteor Write” can be viewed here.

Exclusive MAS publications

MAS members have written very popular observation aides. Select “Exclusive MAS publications” above view list.

MAS email distribution list

You do not have to be a member to get on the distribution list. The M.A.S. emails updates a few times a month. These include the Go/No Go notices for observing sessions that might be clouded out and monthly updates about the up coming programs at our General Meetings.

If you would like to subcribe to our email distribution list, please click on the link below.  We are currently using “Constant Contact” as our email distribution list provider.

M.A.S. email distribution list

M.A.S. Awards Programs

Basic Observing Awards: In keeping with our mission of “promoting understanding of the science of astronomy” we are happy to offer our MAS Awards Program.  Members can participate and earn recognition by completing one of or all four modules: 

Sun module- coming soon

Deep Space Objects module- coming soon

For anyone just beginning their astronomy study, the Basic (Stars/Constellations/Planets) will provide a solid foundation.  In addition to offering the self-study module, members of the Memphis Astronomical Society can assist through a “Mentor” program to help you get started and stay on track as your passion for astronomy grows.

The Messier Observing Awards – One award is offered for observing 80 of the objects in this catalog, another is offered for observing the remaining. See the links in the table below for instructions and record forms.

The Variable Star Award – The only science in which amateurs can still make a genuine contribution is astronomy. One of the most valuable contributions an amateur can make is the observation of variable stars. See additional information in the links located in the table below.

Member forms and other documents: