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M.A.S. Dark Sky Site

Village Creek State Park near Forrest City, AR

Kia Kima Scout Reservation near Cherokee Village, AR

Rainwater Observatory at French Camp, MS

Want to go observing? Check the weather!The links on this page are to weather services that should be helpful in deciding if conditions are right for observing. Where possible, the links have been customized to provide local information. 

Astrospheric advanced weather forcasting for North American astronomers

Clear Outside They have Apps for your phone too

WUNDERGROUND This is an excellent site with links to Radar and Satellite imagery.

Ventusky not sure what to say about this except excellent visual presentation of weather information!

Additional National Weather Service links

NOAA Aviation Weather Satellite ImageryNOAA National Weather Service Forcast Office in Memphis.

High Resolution Satellite – National Center for Atmospheric Research

The Memphis Astronomical Society takes no responsiblity for the accuracy of the information provided by any of these weather forcasters, nor does their position on this page provide any kind of ranking of accuracy.