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The Memphis Astronomical Society proudly offers a book written by one of our members.

An Amateur’s Guide to the Messier Objects


Dr. William J. Busler

An excellent guide to finding 50 objects in the Messier catalog.

The following are excerpts from an article reviewing the book in the March/April 1968 issue of Popular Astronomy magazine:

Many books and observing lists describe the visual appearance of the Messier objects, but now a book is available that tells the observer how to find them.

In this 6 by 9 inch spiral-bound booklet author Busler provides finder charts, accompanied by written instruction involving only right-angled motions for equatorial telescopes. In each case a naked-eye star serves as the starting point, and with one or two deft moves the observer can zero in on the desired object in a matter of seconds.

Charts and direction are included for 50 of the Messier objects, evenly scattered around the celestial sphere. Tables of these objects divided into types and by month of best visibility, 12 full-sky monthly charts, and a sample observing record form suitable for reproduction add to the value of the book.

The usefulness of this booklet as a guide for the seasoned observer and as a training manual for the beginner in learning to use his telescope is beyond dispute. Hopefully, the author will eventually prepare a companion volume to cover the other 50 – odd Messier objects.

David B. Williams

Assistant Editor

“I was immediately struck by the direct approach and usefulness for the amateur observer of you effort,….” and “I know from my own experiences how hard it is to find some of the M objects. I certainly wish that I had had the advantage of your book back in the days when I was a budding amateur with a 3-inch reflector, a Norton’s, and lots of spare evening hours!”

Please note:

While this book was written and published in the mid 60’s, we have checked and everything still works……the price is a hold over from those days as well. Please don’t let the price fool you.

The long awaited and highly demanded “volume II” is finally available.

An Amateur’s Guide to the Messier Objects, Volume II

(The next 60 objects)


Dr. William J. Busler

Volume I$5.00$2.75$7.75
Volume II$5.00$2.75$7.75
Volume I and II$10.00$4.00$14.00

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Currently being developed

An Amateur’s Guide to the Caldwell Catalog